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Tafseer of Surah al-Hujurat (49) Tuesdays from 2nd May 2017 [4 weeks] 7.30pm – 9.30pm

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Tafseer of Surah Al-Hujurat

Divine Morals and Ethics

Join us for a fulfilling jourmey through a Commentary on the 49th Chapter of the Qur’an.

This chapter is a treasure-trove of divine advice, commandments, and prohibitions regarding common problems in social relations, including gossip, spying, arguing, and bigotry. To make the best use of this chapter, the believer needs a detailed explanation of the meanings of the verses.

based his tafseer (exegesis) on the methodology used in the classical works of tafseer. He has relied first of all on the explanations found within the Qur’an itself, then on explanations found in the Sunnah and related incidents which occurred at the time of the revelation of the verses in question and then beyond these primary sources, the interpretations made by the Prophet’s Companions (may Allah be pleased with them).

Mln Irshaad also makes use of the grammatical explanations given in the classical tafseer works. Wherever possible, he attempts to apply the derived meanings of the verses to the problems of contemporary society.

The lessons contained in this Surah is a must learn for every single Muslim male and female, especially in the modern world.

We will cover:

  • A thorough introduction to the Surah, including themes, background, names, virtues and relationship with other surrounding Surahs.
  • A word for word translation and explanation of the entire Surah, highlighting the relevance to our lives today and how we can apply the lessons.
  • A deep look at the overall impact the Surah should have if and when it is recited daily, with understanding.
Who is this course for?

– Every Muslim male & female
– Those who want a reason to live for to wake up to and have a heart full of deep satisfaction
– Those who want to grow in conviction of Islam
– Those who want to call others to Islam
– Those who may or may not have studied Islam but want to reach greater heights.

We are determined to provide our students with instructors who take professionalism, effectiveness and expertise to the max. Along with tremendous knowledge, our instructors are also engaging and exciting, so that our courses will provide you with some of the most interesting days you’ve ever spent learning Islam. In sha Allah


Mowlana Irshaad Sedick

Graduate of Dar al-‘Ulum al-‘Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah, Teacher at Darun Niam, Wynberg, director at The Discover Islam Centre. speaker at various masaajids and events and counsellor

Dates & Times:
  • Every Tuesday evening for 4 weeks
  • 2nd to 23rd May 2017
  • 7.30pm – 9.30pm : Doors open 7pm

The Knowledge Zone /  The Deen Store –  541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne (See map here)

  • Secure patrolled parking, air conditioning, high quality surround sound

R180 per person or (R50 per class)

  • Student pack containing: book, pen and folder
  • All notes or course booklet
  • Certificate of attendance on successful completion of the course [Must attend all 4 sessions]
Registration and more information:
  • Payment secures your seat. Limited seating.
  • Walk in registration at The Deen Store, 541 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne (See map here)
  • Telephonic bookings: 021 762 6745
  • Whats-App: 0786104700
  • Online: 

    Tafseer of Surah al-Hujurat

    Please complete one form per student. Please note that the fee quoted is per student.
    • PLEASE NOTE!! All payments MUST reach us before the start of the course. Late payments will NOT secure your seat.
Banking Details:

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Cash or Card payments can be made at The Deen Store – 541 Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne. (See map here)