Workshop: ‘Muslim Youth – Taking Control’

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‘Muslim Youth – Taking Control’

NB! Online Registration has closed please arrive from 30 min before class starts to register. Limited seating works on a first pay basis. shukran 

Alhumdulilah, after the highly successful “Exploring our Potential” Youth Workshop the need to run continued youth empowerment programs has become relevant. In sha Allah

The young and dynamic scholars of The Istiqamah Institute will be presenting a weekly youth workshop to enable youth to explore and empower themselves with fundamental Islamic life skills   In sha Allah

The period of youth is a time when a person goes through many changes and experiences; and undergoes and partake many new things which they have never experienced before. Youth begin to feel as though they have control over the whole world, and that they can do whatever they wish.

This workshop is a collection of issues relevant to Muslim youth in a westernized society. It aims to provoke thinking to enable Muslim youth to realise their true identity as slaves of Allah and not slaves to pop stars, sports personalities, movie celebrities or any human being.

Often Islam is presented to the youth in a manner which they feel is stale, repetitive and not addressing the issues that they feel. Taking this into account we aimed to address subjects in a manner that touch the reality of the youth by linking contemporary examples to the Islamic concepts and rules.

Islam is not just a set of rituals, a set of limited do’s and don’ts that have no connection with real life. On the contrary, Islam is the most Introduction powerful force the world has ever seen. It is a complete way of life that gives us solutions for all the problems we face, as a youth growing up or as an elder with grandchildren. The Muslim youth of the past embodied this understanding and became scholars, commanders of armies, pious rulers, carriers of Islam and leaders of humanity.

Whilst we are young we have the potential to follow Islam by advancing our understanding and carrying Islam to others.

Youth doesn’t last forever, we must make good use of it before it is gone.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said, “Value five things before five other things: Youth before old age; health before sickness; affluence before poverty; leisure before becoming too busy; and life before death.” [Tirmidhi]


• Differentiating between tradition and Islam
• Are you ready to die tomorrow?
• Avoiding the temptations of Western society
• Self-Justification: the Whispers of Shaytan
• Friendship in the West & Friendship in Islam
• Dilemmas of the Muslim student: Between Clubbing& the Qur’an
• Why should we obey our parents?
• Do You Want to Drive a Ferrari?
• Muslim Youth – Gang Leaders or World Leaders?

This interactive session offers practical steps towards finding that proverbial “balance” in life, which many people claim to be pursuing.

Open Questions and Answers Session…

Youth don’t often have the opportunity to engage with scholars, especially not with young dynamic people who have authentic Islamic knowledge along with the experience of the modern world.

This is your chance to ask anything you want and even remain anonymous and hopefully receive solutions to those burning issues.


1- Moulana Irshaad Sedick

Graduate of and teacher at Dar al-‘Ulum al-‘Arabiyyah al-Islamiyyah in Strand. He currently runs and directs The Istiqamah Institute which focuses on world class Islamic educational courses.  

Also Husband and wife team: 

2- Moulana Zakariya Harneker

He is has completed a B. Science degree at UCT and is an active member of the MSA.  Zakariyyah is currently a student at Darul Ulum al-Arrabiyyah al-Islamiyyah.

3- Mualima Kareema Jassiem (Harneker)

A 4th year student of Darun Na’im Institute of Higher Islamic Learning. She  completed her Hifz al-Quran  and is currently a part time teacher at the Lil Ummahaat (sister institute of Darun Na’im) Institution.

Dates and Times

Every Saturday for 7 weeks.
Starting: 8th August 2015 – Ending: 19 September 2015
Workshop: 11.30am – 1pm

Age Group: Males and females: 13 yrs – 20 yrs


The Knowledge Zone 541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne

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Once off: R280 (Discount of R20) or
1st Installment of R150 no later than 3 August 2015
2nd Installment of R150 no later than end August 2015

  • Seats are limited to 80 students and works on a 1st pay basis
  • Small classes
  • Free Coffee and Tea
  • Bring your own snacks (There is a shop next door)
  • No examination
  • Certificate of attendance on successful completion of the workshop
  • Students will have access to the in-house Islamic Research Centre
  • Students will receive special discounts on various products from The Deen Store /Ummah Store

NB! Online Registration has closed please arrive from 30 min before class starts to register. Limited seating works on a first pay basis. shukran 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Fees are not transferable to another student
  • No Children allowed in workshop.
  • Cancelling your place – If you notify us in writing (via letter, email or fax) up to 7 days before the start date of a course, you will receive a full refund of the course fee.
  • If you fail to attend the course on which you are booked and have not given prior notice to us then the course fee will remain payable in full and no transfer will be allowed.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any course because of low registration or events beyond our control. In the unlikely event of cancellation, students will be notified and offered the option to switch to a different course or receive a full refund.

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