Upcoming 2019 Courses and Workshops

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Upcoming 2019 Courses and Workshops hosted at The Knowledge Zone, Lansdowne

1st Term [January to March 2019]

Quran Reading Beginners
✔ Quran Literacy – Level 1 and Level 2
✔ Quran Fluency
Road to Nikah (Premarital)
Fiqh of Love and Marriage
✔ Perfection of Salah
✔ Islam for Beginners
✔ Arabic Level one – Beginners
✔ Arabic Level two – Intermediate
✔ Hajj and Umrah
✔ Awakening Your Salah
✔ The Divine Link
✔ The 99 Names of Allah
✔ Quran Translation
And much more…


  • Mln. Muaadth Allie
  • Ml. Saalim Peck
  • Ustaadh Imaad Isaacs
  • Mln. Abdullah Forbes
  • Mln. Waasief Devries

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