Top Tutors

Top Tutors

South Africa’s education is in crisis

Top Tutors is a tuition centre based in Rylands Athlone, founded by Sufyaan Altalib to address South Africa’s education crisis. South Africa has one of the worst education systems in the world. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report 2016/17 ranks the quality of the country’s primary education 126th out of 138 countries. The quality of the higher education and training system is ranked 134th while the quality of maths and science education is placed in 138th position.

About our founder

Sufyaan was fortunate to matriculate from the prestigious South African College High School (SACS), receiving distinctions in all examinable subjects and achieved 90% for Mathematics. He was fortunate to have the privilege of being taught Maths by Mr. Horn-Both (One of South Africa’s most renowned Maths Educator) from Grade 10 to Grade 12. Sufyaan is currently furthering his studies at the University of Cape Town (UCT). He has made the Dean’s Merit List and is a member of Golden Key Honours Society. In addition, he is a Candidate Fellow with the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. He is passionate about education and providing others the educational opportunity he received. He has extensive tutoring experience which includes tutoring for UCT’s College of Accounting and volunteering for SHAWCO.

Our approach

Our philosophy centres around our belief that everyone has the ability to do maths and science. We focus on assisting students struggling with maths and science and aim to significantly improve their marks. Our small Classes re-teach core concepts, give students problems to tackle and aims to build their confidence and understanding of Maths and Science.  We aim to engage with parents during the learning process and provide regular feedback. We equip our students with learning material and teach them how to effectively study maths and science to ensure they succeed.


“Sufyaan is the best tutor I have had and I have had many tutors” Kauthar, Class of 2015, Rustenburg High School for Girls

Uthmaan pushed me to achieve 88% for Matric physics. Without Uthmaan and Sufyaan I would not be able to do it” Ameer, Class of 2015, Westerford High School

Shukran for your help! Nadia passed maths with a 49%. I was just happy she passed maths because when she started with you she was failing miserably at 18%.  Mrs. Badat

“Shukran so much for all your time and effort in offering this programme, it has really helped and inspired Wardah to do well. She enjoyed the way in which you explained and simplified concepts that she did not understand before. How you made it fun and it did not seem like 2 hours of class and what was a tremendous help is the tips and advice that you gave her.

I personally appreciated the weekly feedback and updates that you sent us, it made me feel part of the programme and it allowed us, as parents, to support her even more, because we could ask her on her progress on specific topics, and we could track her progress.” Mrs. Khan

Contact Sufyaan on 0791948785 (preferably WhatsApp) or to reserve a place