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The Fiqh of Purification / Cleanliness

Who should attend? *Any Muslim who, having understood the importance of purity, wishes to know what Allâh requires of him/her in this regard. *Those who have always wanted to be provided with the various proofs for rituals in which they engage daily. *Anyone who has unanswered questions regarding the Islâmic laws of purification and wishes it to be answered in a non-judgmental and uncritical manner.

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Fiqh of Life : The Halal, The Haram And The Doubtful

The Sakinah Foundation presents THE FIQH OF LIFE The Ḥalāl, The Ḥarām And The Doubtful A seven-week course in which attendees will explore the nature of the lawful, the unlawful and all between. Ask and receive scholarly answers to all those nagging questions that are considered too sensitive to mention elsewhere.

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