Shaamiela Safodien Ras – Registered Counsellor


Shaamiela Safodien Ras
Registered Counsellor
BA (Hons) Psychology (UWC)
PRC 0003549

I am Shaamiela Safodien Ras a Registered Counsellor of Psychology, my background includes experience in Psychiatry, Addictions and Community Mental Health. My style of therapy is centered on the individual or group’s need, and assisting them to grow and evolve from the inside out.
I like to think that I offer a gentle and constructive space… with a touch of humour, for the individual or group to explore challenges, anxieties, and opportunities for reflection and closer introspection.
I am influenced by Mindfulness, which is present moment awareness. Basically it is learning to be less in your head and more present with what is happening with yourself, your body and your behaviours, in the moment. Essentially building awareness of the self. Additionally I believe in making space for Spirituality and whatever that means to the individual.

  • I work mainly with Adults 18 years and up, and sessions can be scheduled for individual, couple and groups.
  • I am contracted to most Medical Aids at Medical Aid rates, payment made in cash is R440 per session of 60mins.
  • My practice is run from Aloe Medical Practice in Lansdowne in the Southern suburbs.

Contact details:
Practice no: (021) 797 2233
Cell no: 079 9367 102


Mindful Muslima

Assalaamu alaykum wa ragmatulaahi wa barakaatu
I am pleased to share the launch of Mindful Muslima workshops, a 4 week course on Mindful Living starting on 7 March 2015 Insha Allah.
The outline of the workshops is as follows:

  1. Mindfulness
  • Concepts of mindfulness (non-judgement, being the observer of your thoughts etc.)
  • Understanding consciousness and intention
  • Mindful practices and exercises
  1. Living mindfully
  • Understanding emotions, and the mind
  • Language around emotions, and challenges
  • Behaviours of avoidance
  1. Conscious choice and action
  • Understanding personality and soul

What is Mindfulness?
Mindfulness is present moment awareness. Basically it is cultivating an awareness of what is happening within yourself, your body and your behaviours in the moment. Essentially building awareness of the self and your experiences.
Who can attend?
Individuals who are wanting to learn how to be less ‘in their head’ and more present with what is happening in their lives. Individuals who are moving through life at a rapid pace and would like to learn how to slow down. Individuals who struggle with various anxieties, big life events, emotional challenges, pain, and would like to explore exercises that can assist in coming through these experiences, with self-compassion. Or simply for individuals who have a curiosity about mindfulness and its practices.

  1. Workshops will be open to women only, for now.

Ethos of Mindful Muslima workshops
The workshops will take on an experiential learning format, this means that mindful exercises will be practiced within the session, along with discussions around certain concepts. Therefore participation from group members will be important as well as eagerness to ask questions and share with each other.
Background of Facilitator
I am Shaamiela Safodien Ras, a Registered counsellor in private practice. I graduated from UWC (University of Western Cape) with an Honours degree in Psychology and I am registered with the HPCSA (Health professions counsel of South Africa).
I have experience in individual and group therapy, and I have worked in Community mental health, Addictions treatment and Psychiatric treatment, with individuals and groups with various diagnoses. The individuals I have worked with have been some of my best teachers, and I believe have contributed to my ability as a Counsellor and as a…
Mindful Muslima
My interest is in the Spiritual combined with the Psychology of the human experience. I genuinely enjoy being a Muslim woman, and I have a searing curiosity about our deen. I am not a formally educated Islamic scholar, however I am a scholar of Islam, involved in continued learning through courses and reading, and mindfulness and consciousness is at the centre of my life, therefore…
My Intention with the workshops
Is to assist individuals who are willing, to learn ways to engage with themselves consciously and weave mindfulness into their daily life. To come from the understanding that the way we treat ourselves, is where our relation to others and our Creator stems from.
Details for Worshops
Date: Saturday 7, 14, 21, 28 March 2015
Time: 8-30am to 10/10-30am
Venue: Southern suburbs (to be confirmed)
Cost: R750
Kindly note:

  • Payment is made up front, and is non-refundable
  • A maximum number of 15 woman can be accommodated per course, therefore registration and payment reserves your place.

If you are interested in attending kindly contact me or my assistant via email or telephone, we will then forward you a registration form and banking details.
Contact details:
Shaamiela Safodien Ras (Facilitator): 0799367102
Taahira Safodien (Assistant): 0769418377

In the meantime please visit my Facebook page:

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