Seeking Spirituality through Salah: Friday evenings from 2nd February 2018 [8 sessions] #SS118

In the name of Allah. Most Gracious. Most Merciful

The Prophet Muhammad  sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam ( may Allah exalt his mention ) said: “Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.” (Al-Bukhari)


Seeking Spirituality through Ṣalāh

What is this course about?

Ṣalāh is the greatest gift of spiritual nearness to Allah.  Yet, so many of us make our ṣalāh as a mere physical exercise, devoid of its spiritual dimension. Through ṣalāh, we are meant to purify our hearts and ascend in nearness to Allah.   In this course, we will Inshā Allah discuss the spiritual dimensions of ṣalāh in order to re-connect our hearts with Allah through this great and blessed act of worship.

What are the topics and contents?

  1. Our purpose in life, as defined by Allah, our Creator. Purification of the heart as the essence of Islām and ‘ibādah as the means of purification
  2. Ṣalāh as the mi‘rāj (ascension) of the believer – its history, ruling and virtue
  3. Khushū‘ as the soul of ṣalāh
  4. Surah al-Fātiḥa as the intimate conversation with Allah
  5. Meanings of positions and adhkār of ṣalāh
  6. The ṣalāh of the Messenger (ṣallalāho ‘alayhi wasallam)
  7. Sayings and practices of the pious on ṣalāh
  8. Practical struggles for the betterment of my ṣalāh

What will you learn?

Inshā Allah, you will learn about the spiritual significance and meaning of ṣalāh.  You will understand the role of ṣalāh in your journey of nearness and purification to Allah.  You will, inshā Allah, begin to experience a deeper attachment to your ṣalāh and, inshā Allah, taste of its sweetness.

Who should attend?

Muslims – the not-so-young, the average-young, the young-ish.  Ṣalāh is the first thing one will be questioned about in the grave. Are you ready? This is a course for those who are curious about the deeper meanings of ṣalāh, who want greater fulfilment through their ṣalāh, who want to taste the sweetness of ṣalāh.  Ahlan wa sahlan!


Moulana Waasief Devries:  Graduate of Darul Ulum Arabiyah Strand,  Jumuah lecturer all around Western Cape & Free-lance Islamic / Spiritual advisor & lecturer. Teaching for over 5 years.

About us: Cape Town Muslim Events Courses have been around officially since 2011. Over the past few years, thousands of students have studied with us. Our aim is to deliver outstanding mainstream education that enriches people’s lives underpinned by an Islamic ethos and to make traditional Islamic education accessible and relevant. In sha Allah

Dates & Times:
  • Every Friday for 8 weeks
  • Starting on the 2nd February 2018 and ending on the 23rd March 2018
  • Starts 30 Minutes after Maghrib (1st week 8.3opm to 9.45pm)
  • (Time will change and increase as prayer time moves earlier)
  • NB! There are no Salah facilities at the venue however there is a Masjid 3 minutes away to perform Maghrib Salah)


The Knowledge Zone / The Deen Store

541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne (See map here)

  • Secure parking (patrolled)
  • Air conditioning
  • High quality surround sound
  • Coffee and snacks on sale
  • Bring along a pillow for extra comfort


  • R480 per person (once off)
  • R250 per month (2 payments)

Fee includes:

  • Student pack containing: book, pen and folder
  • All printed notes or course booklet
  • Certificate on successful completion


    • Limited seats and Payment secures your seat.
    • Walk in registration: The Deen Store, 541 Lansdowne Rd, Lansdowne (See map here)
    • Telephonic bookings: 021 762 6745 or 021 696 1714
    • Whats-App: 0786104700
    • Online: 

      Seeking Spirituality through Salah

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