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Learn Arabic via Salah Workshop – Wednesdays 18 Oct – 6 Dec 2017 – 8pm to 9.30pm



And indeed it is revelation from the Lord of the worlds brought down by the trustworthy soul on your heart (Oh Muḥammad) that you may be of the warners in the clear Arabic tongue” Al-Shu`arā’: 192-5

Arabic is the lingua franca of Islam and so all devout Muslims are desirous of learning it so that they can interact better with fellow Muslims from other places who speak languages other than their own. There is however no greater motivation for learning Arabic than enhancing our relationship with Allah.

This is because it is the language via which Allah has chosen to communicate with us in the Quran and it is the means of communion with Him during acts of worship like ṣalāh. As such what better way to approach the study of Arabic other than via His speech, the Qurān, and the invocations we make to Him during ṣalāh?

Do they not ponder in the Qurān?” Muḥammad: 24

No longer will you have to feel foolish and left out as the Imām and other muṣallis are moved to tears by the recital of Qurān while you don’t even understand what is being recited. Transform your ṣalāh and turn it into the spiritually lifting experience that it is intended to be by understanding everything you recite in ṣalāh: the Qurānic chapters and the sunnah invocations.

The study of Islām, Arabic, the Qurān and ṣalāh is a lifelong labour of love. Ensure that your first footsteps in this journey of a lifetime is both authentic and facilitated. Classes are interactive fun and progressive. The course encompasses 16 units over 8 sessions with a total class time of 16 hours. It covers 10 chapters of the Quran and 12 sunnah invocations. A minimum vocabulary of 100 words are covered which constitute the most repeated words of the Quran.

For the first time in Cape Town learn Arabic via the Quranic chapters most commonly recited in ṣalāh and its sunnah invocations. Via this innovative method students learn both the basics of Arabic and the translations of Quranic verses and invocations recited during ṣalāh. Lessons start from zero Arabic ability to mastery of the basics of Arabic. As such this course is suited for all levels and demographics.

Course objectives include:

  1. Proving that the Quran and the fundamentals of ṣalāh are easy to learn.
  2. Encouraging people to recite the Quran with adequate understanding of its content and meaning.
  3. Enhancing our relationship with Allāh.
  4. Enabling us to communicate with other Muslims via the language of Islam.
Instructor: Mowlana Muaadth Allie

Graduate of Darul Ulum Newcastle (KZN). Director of Sakinah Foundation and Imam and Teacher at Darun Naim, Wynberg. 20 Years teaching experience

Dates & Times:
  • Every Wednesday for 8 weeks
  • 18th October to 6th December 2017
  • 8pm to 9.30pm : Doors open 7.30pm

The Knowledge Zone: 541 Lansdowne Rd. Lansdowne (See map here)

  • Secure parking (patrolled)
  • Air conditioning
  • High quality surround sound
  • R320 per month (2 payments)
  • R600 once-off for full workshop

For options below (email or WhatsApp – Shamiel info@ctme.co.za or 0786104700)

  • Request a longer payment period 
  • Part sponsorship
  • Discounts available for: Block bookings, Highschoolers and Pensioners

Fee includes:

  • Student pack containing: book, pen and folder
  • All printed notes or course booklet or pdf slides
  • Certificate on successful completion
Registration options
    1. Walk in registration at The Deen Store, 541 Lansdowne Rd, Lansdowne (See map here)
    2. Telephonic bookings: 021 762 6745
    3. Online: 
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O Allah, I ask Thee for BENEFICIAL KNOWLEDGE, acceptable action, and good provision.” (Al-Tirmidhi).