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Assalaamu Alaykum

Please forward the attached pamphlets regarding the New Arabic classes for 2014 to all friends and family.

All New Beginners Classes will start on Sunday 26 January (08.30-10.00) at Masjidul Quds (Gatesville).  These courses are FREE, but there is a R50 registration fee payable.  Students will also be encouraged to make a weekly/ monthly contribution – if they can afford it.
The Advanced Classes will take place on Tuesdays (starting on 21 Jan.) and Sundays (10.30-12.00) – (Starting on 26 Jan.).

Those interested must please forward their name and contact details, including email address to be included on the pre-registration list.  Registration forms can be mailed to them or may be collected from the Islamic Library or Gift Shop at the Gatesville Mosque.
Remember a number of students have already registered, so SPACE is LIMITED!
  • At-Tayyibah
  • At-Tayyibah
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