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Islamic Rulings

Prohibited Sales

Prohibited Sales by Abdullah M al-Mutlaq, Al Jumuah Magazine, vol.10 issue 8/9 Issues of trade and finance The Prophet, sallallaahu alayhe wasallam, prohibited some forms of sales that people were known to use during his time. The wisdom behind this prohibition of some sales is to facilitate ease for people …

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Personal Privacy

Personal Privacy By Mohammad Hashim Kamali The Dignity of Man – the Islamic Perspective Ilmiah Publishers, Malaysia and the Islamic Foundation, UK Personal privacy of the individual is an integral part of his dignity. The private dwelling is therefore made immune against intrusion of all kind. Strangers who wish to …

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Paganism and the Celebration of “Birthdays”

Paganism and the Celebration of “Birthdays” Muhammad ‘Abd al-HAqq Bismillah. Alhamdulillah wa salatu wasallam ala Rasulillah. The following is a list of quotes from writings and writers, ancient and modern, religious and secular, attesting to the Pagan origins and nature of celebrating one’s supposed day of birth. Of course many …

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Muslim’s Position Towards Western Civilization

Muslim’s Position Towards Western Civilization By Salaah Al-Budair Summary 1)     The reality of western civilization. 2)     Western civilization has no spirit (materialistic). 3)     Western civilization has more harm to it than benefit. 4)     The eagerness of the west to dissolve Muslim’s identity. 5)     The west utilizes their civilization to attack …

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Being Arrogant in Practising Religion

Being Arrogant in Practising Religion By Dr Shariffa Carlo One of the biggest thing that hurts us, that allows us to fall into the trap of the ignorant age’s mentality when it comes to being a woman is that we have forgotten about a major element of Islam that allows …

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