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“Qadar” Pre – Destination And The Responsibility Of Man It has been reported, that the Messenger of Allah (saws) once found the companions arguing about Qadar. He forbade them from indulging in such a debate and told them that communities before them had been destroyed for that reason. However, by …

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Criteria for Determining What is Right

Criteria for Determining What is Right By Sheikh Salmaan ibn Fahd al-‘Awdah Do methodologically sound criteria exist for determining what is correct and what is in error? They certainly do. Those criteria are clear and precise, and we shall be discussing some of them. One: The Religious Criterion This criterion …

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Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Eman

Causes Behind the Increase and Decrease of Eman By: Abdur-Razzaaq Al-Abbaad Translator Note All praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds and may He praise, send peace and blessings upon our Messenger; his family and Companions. The greatest blessing Allah, the Most High, can bestow upon a person in …

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Al-Wala’ Wal-Bara’ in Islam

Al-Wala’ Wal-Bara’ in Islam By: Dr. Muhammad Saeed Al-Qahtaani Translated by: Omar Johnstone Al-Wala’ Wal-Bara’ and the Declaration of Faith Love is the source of wala’ and hate is the source of bara’; it is by this that both the heart and the hand are moved to act. Wala’ inspires …

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Allah’s Preservation of the Sunnah

Allah’s Preservation of the Sunnah by Jamaal al-Din Zarabozo Introduction: The Sunnah and Its Place in Islam The Sunnah refers to the actions, statements and way of life of the Prophet Muhammad, may the blessing and mercy of Allah be upon him.  It is an essential aspect of the entire …

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