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The Way of the Muslim : Developing the Ideal Muslim Character


The Way of the Muslim Developing the Ideal Muslim Character Presented by Moulana Dawood Sampson, Shakyh Riyadh Walls and Shaykh Fadhil Emandien Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “I have been sent to perfect noble character.” (Sunan Al-Bayhaqee: 21301) This statement makes it clear that one of the reasons behind ...

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Islam 101 – Basic Introductory Course


ISLAM 101 Basic Introductory Course / Workshop for Youth, Adults, New Muslims and Non-Muslims Hosted by The Sakinah Foundation presented by Moulana Muaadth Allie and guests   There are many – such as the new Muslim, the elderly and the non-Muslim – who seek to know more about Islam but ...

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Death & Burial – Janaazah Workshop


The Sakinah Foundation presents Death and Burial - Janaazah Workshop “Every soul shall taste death and then to Us will be your return.” [`Ankabūt: 57] Our imminent death is a reality that we all face. The Muslim is commanded to be ever mindful of death and to ensure that he meets his death in the best of conditions.

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Workshop: ‘Muslim Youth – Taking Control’


Join us for the next series of Youth Workshops Hosted by The Istiqamah Institute   ‘Muslim Youth – Taking Control’   Alhumdulilah, after the highly successful “Exploring our Potential” Youth Workshop the need to run continued youth empowerment programs has become relevant. In sha Allah The young and dynamic scholars ...

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Islamic Inheritance Workshop


The Islamic Inheritance Workshop Hosted by The Istiqamah Institute Presented by Moulana Irshaad Sedick and guests This workshop focuses on the basic concepts of the Islamic Inheritance Law, principal elements of asset distribution and the key features of an Islamic will. The technical aspects of writing a will, maintaining proper ...

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Key to Paradise – SALAAH Practical & Spiritual Aspects


Key to Paradise   Practical & Spiritual Meanings of Salaah Course   Salah is the most frequent yet fundamental act of worship and therefore has a deep connection to the Creator. Islam in its comprehensiveness has set deep principles for many aspects of our lives, particularly in establishing the prayer, ...

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Fiqh of Life : The Halal, The Haram And The Doubtful


The Sakinah Foundation presents THE FIQH OF LIFE The Ḥalāl, The Ḥarām And The Doubtful A seven-week course in which attendees will explore the nature of the lawful, the unlawful and all between. Ask and receive scholarly answers to all those nagging questions that are considered too sensitive to mention elsewhere.

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