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The Quest: 40 Unique Qualities of the Prophet Muhammad – PBUH: Wednesdays from 7th September 2016 : 8.30pm – 10pm


CTME is honoured to launch a new course of noble content discussing forty distinctive virtues and characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). These forty characteristics distinguish Him (peace be upon him) among all of the other Prophets (peace be upon them all), these characteristics and virtues elevate His (peace be upon him) rank above the ranks of the other Prophets (peace be upon them all).

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Art Classes for Beginners


The Knowledge Zone Presents Art Classes for Beginners A Blank Canvas for most beginners can be quite intimidating. Our courses are designed to boost your confidence and give you great joy. 🙂 You will learn: Understanding colours ( theory & practical ) The importance of layout Understanding dimensions Working with white …

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Awakening Your Salah Workshop: Sundays from 16th October 2016 (4 weeks) 8.30am – 10.30am


Salah is not a chain of random acts and phrases strung together. It is a vehicle of spiritual dialogue with our lord. Stepping onto the prayer mat is like stepping into the court of a king - the king of all kings. This short course will explore the many attributes of Salah. It will help bring your Salah to life and aid you on your way to total devotion and concentration in your Salah. In sha Allah

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